The Lawrence academic experience is designed to help you shine from your first day of First-Year Studies to the closing moments of your Chandler Senior Experience and everything in between. Explore subjects and interests deeply and collaboratively—inside and outside of the classroom.

You have the freedom to light your own way while sharing experiences and traditions that connect you to your fellow Lawrentians. From research to performance to study abroad, challenging and illuminating opportunities await.

Andrew Knudsen, Professor of Geosciences, discusses "Poor Economics: A Radical Rethinking of the Way to Fight Global Poverty" while teaching his First Year Studies class

First-Year Studies

Ignite your passion for learning. You’ll share the experience of exploring diverse works—from poetry to graphic novels to paintings—with your fellow first-year students.

Student evaluating weather on drone remote control


What do you want to illuminate? Study the very nature of light in a laser palace, or delve into the mechanics of Brazilian drumming. With up to $4,000 in research funding, you can pursue your passions.

students perform for Kaleidoscope in Appleton's Performing Arts Center


Get ready for the spotlight! Whether you are studying in the College or the Conservatory, you can perform in small or large ensembles, write and stage your own plays, or hit a high note in operas and musicals.

From mathematics to music performance, you can dive deep with 65 areas of study.

鶹Ƶ's London Centre

Off Campus Programs

The world is your classroom with 50+ study abroad programs in more than 30 countries.

student Stephany Pichola sitting on a stone railing with the background of the Milwaukee skyline

Internships & Career Exploration

Want to code in Silicon Valley? Or advocate for racial justice in Washington? You can get funding and land a dream internship with help from our Career Center. 

Student intern in hydroponics lab
Academics at Lawrence

So many ways to shine


majors and minors


academic terms called trimesters


student-faculty ratio

Student wearing virtual reality goggles

Chandler Senior Experience

Put it all together with your Senior Experience. Embark on an independent project that is the capstone of your major. Where will you shine your light? Investigating the impacts of health policy, delving into a medieval Italian library, or composing and producing your own jazz album?

Close-up of Laurie Carter, 鶹Ƶ’s President, hands out a sticker while greeting students at the President’s Handshake in Memorial Chapel

The Honor Code

IHRT鶹ƵHC: I hereby reaffirm the 鶹Ƶ Honor Code. You'll write these letters on every assignment you submit. Respect and integrity are core values of our academic community.


On Any Given Day... an array of opportunities that await you at 鶹Ƶ.


The Scholar Athlete | This is Lawrence

Senior Ceara Larson, Natural Sciences Interdisciplinary Major (Biology-Physics) and Viking Softball Catcher, combines her work in class and on the field to research the biomechanics of a softball swing.